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What is domain name ?
Domain names correspond to a series of numbers called protocol numbers (IP Address) that serve as routing addresses on the internet domain names used generally as a convenient way of locating information and reaching others on the internet.
For example: when you type www.gngwebtech.com in a web browser, the domain name system (DNS) translates gngwebtech.com to the IP address used by the internet and connects you to gngwebtech.com.

2. Why do I need to register a domain name?
A domain name is internet address. It is your own identity on the web. It identifies you and your business to millions of people world wide, when you register a domain name you are one of those million others who are flourishing from the rewards of internet.

3. When I register a domain name how long does it take to activate anduse it ?
The process takes upto 48 hrs. To fully take effect and show up on who is query it is reserved for the registrant and can not be used by any one else. Though as a safety it will take 3-4 days to confirm the registration.

4. How do I renew my name after its expiry?
When any of the domain names that you have registered come up for renewal, you will receive an email notification one month prior to the renewal date at the email address you have specified in your contact information.

5. Can I register my family name?
Yes, and its becoming increasingly popular to do so. Many people register their own name in order to set up email addresses for themselves and other family members.

6. Are there any hidden charges?
No, once the domain has been registered there is just an annual charge.

7. What is hosting?
This is when a user has his/her website on someone else servers. eg. a user may register a domain with 'gngwebtech.com" and then place his website with "gngwebtechsolutions" . Thus his website is said to be hosted at (gngwebtech.com)

8. Why do I need it?
If you wish to have your website seen by users 24 hours a day, Then it must reside on a server which is connected to internet 24 hours a day, such as gngwebtech’s server.

9. Are FTP details supplied, so that I can upload my site?
If you have taken webspace from us your FTP user name / password will be emailed to you.

10. Where are your servers hosted?
All our servers are hosted in various parts of India, & in USA. This provides faster access for sites, which are meant for users from India and all over the world.

11.Can I increase my webspace at any time?
Yes, just email us and we will increase your webspace after receiving the payment of the upgraded package.

12. Can I host more then one website under any one package of webspace?
No, we can point as many domains as you require to your webspace, but we will not point domains to subdirectories under that webspace.

13. Can MP3 flies be hosted on our server, is there any extra charges for the load our servers will bear for the download requests?
Yes, they can as long as they are legal. We reserve the right to close any site which we find to contain copied, or illegal material, eg. pictures, software sound files.

Can I maintain my own site after you have configured it?
Yes, you can upload, change your webspace etc, as often as you like. Infact once we have created the webspace, and registered your domain, we do not actually do any thing else to your site.

15. Can I host my webspace in the free webspace offered by some other agencies?
Sure, just tell us where to re-point or forward your domain. This will mean that the URL in the browser will change as soon as the re-direction has occurred. In other words, your domain name will not show up in the location bar once the user is looking at the site.

16. Will you be giving me a separate server if I pay extra for it ?
Yes, we offer co-location servers and dedicated servers.


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